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The Automated Cleaning Business

Learn the "no code way" to automate your cleaning business even if you currently know nothing about integration or automation.

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NOTE: Videos are still being released as they are completed. Understand that if you purchase this course now at the discounted "pre-launch" price, you'll have access to some content but not everything just yet. Enroll now to lock in a sweet discount as well as limited LIFETIME access to The Automated Cleaning Business! Once this course is finished, the price will be going up and changing to a subscription model. Don't delay, take advantage of the Pre-Launch sale today!

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TACB bundle

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Audience: Owners

Difficulty: Advanced

Instructor(s): Dalton Ousley

Duration: 3h 20m

Last Updated: 3/7/24

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If you wouldn't gladly clean your most demanding client's house — the one with the never-ending pet hair, the mysterious stains on every carpet, and the bathroom that's a biohazard zone — every single day for a year, just to keep this course, then we'll gladly refund your money. No questions asked, no rubber gloves required!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not tech savvy?

This course was designed to cater to most skill levels. We believe anyone can go through this course with the right mindset and attitude. The concepts taught in this course are certainly advanced but the very nature of integration, automation and artificial intelligence is quite advanced! As entrepreneurs, we all have to learn new things - it's part of what sets us apart from the rest. Don't let a fear of technology hold you back from accomplishing incredible things! Follow the steps and you will succeed with this course.

Can my entire cleaning business be automated?

In short, yes! With a mixture of automation and strategic delegation, you can in fact automate your entire cleaning business. The question now becomes "should you" automate everything. The course covers a concept known as "The Automation Dilemma" which will shed more light on this concept. The goal is always to automate as much as possible without taking away the personalized human element when it comes to your team members and customers. Don't worry though - there's a TON of tedious work that is prime to delegate to robots (yay automation)!

Will I be learning code?

There is no need to learn code! You will be working with some code throughout the automation process but it's a copy & paste procedure. In other words, you don't need to write code, or even know how to read it. As long as you can click buttons and copy & paste, you'll be just fine!

Are the tools needed for automation expensive?

Definitely not! Aside from what you're already using, there are only a couple of new tools that we'll be introducing to the mix. These tools allow you to connect different apps together (BookingKoala + CleanCore for example) so they can "talk to each other" and perform various automated tasks. If you are in a position where adding another small subscription is questionable right now, you should NOT be focusing on automation. You should be focusing on growth levers like getting more cleaners and more customers! Come back to this course when you're ready (we say this with nothing but love).

Will you help me setup the automation for my business?

Pioneering Clean is here to deliver high-value courses that you can follow along with. It's NOT a consulting business and does not provide one-on-one support for anything other than helping you access course content if you get locked out for some reason. That said, the 7Figure Cleaners coaching program is set up for consulting and mentorship. The Pioneering Clean instructors, Cristobal Mondragon and Dalton Ousley both work closely with clients on anything, including automation. If you'd like personalized guidance and accountability, be sure to check out the 7FC program.

Can I hire someone to do this for me?

Absolutely! With enough money, you can hire someone to do just about anything! Inside of the course, there is a video that explains how to recruit an "Integrator" for your cleaning business that can set up all of these automations for you. With the right person, the opportunities are endless and it's actually much more affordable than you might think! Just give them access to the course so they can model everything inside and you'll be good to go.

Will this really save me time?

Of course it will! The only question is how much. These automation tactics are not only meant to save you (the owner) loads of time, but also your team members. The goal is to become more efficient and effective all around. This increases profitability while freeing up more time and mental space for you and your team to perform at a higher level. We want you and your team focused on growth activities and providing the BEST customer experience. That can be difficult if your time is taken up with menial, repetitive tasks. Every cleaning business is different but we estimate that the average owner will get back roughly 2 full weeks of time in a calendar year just by setting up the automation and AI levers covered in this course. That's not counting the time savings your team members will experience either. What could you do with an extra 2 weeks in your life?

Speed is Your Friend

Why Buy an Online Course?

Immerse yourself in courses that unlock the full potential of your cleaning business, offering insider secrets and actionable skills. With our experts leading the way, transform your dreams into tangible successes sooner than imagined. Together, let's embark on a path to expand and enhance your business!

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Save Time

The most important resource in the world is time. Each of us only have so much of it in our lives; therefore, what you do with it is everything. Will you spend your time "figuring it out" on your own or would you rather learn from someone who has invested the time already and has discovered what works? That's the power of an online course. Expert knowledge & experience that you can access and use to save time and fast track your success.

Faster Path to Profit

Online courses help you to profit quicker thanks to an expedited learning experience that showcases what to do, as well as how and when to do it. This ultimately allows you to draw a salary from your business sooner than if you didn't have expert knowledge & experience at your fingertips. Turn your side-hustle into the best paying job you've ever had!

Save Money

If you could spend a couple hundred dollars today and get THOUSANDS back in your bank account would you? That's what we thought! We've already spent the money trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Learn from our experiences and save the money while making more faster than you thought possible! That is yet another benefit of purchasing an online course.

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