4 Day Virtual Assistant

Turn your new customer service rep into a highly trained VA for your cleaning business in just 4 days or less!

4DVA Bundle

Students: 2,085+

4DVA bundle

$149 (50% OFF)

Audience: Office Staff

Difficulty: Intermediate

Instructor(s): Dalton Ousley

Duration: 3h 20m

Last Updated: 3/7/24

Quizzes: N/A

Money back guarantee

Our "No Rubber Gloves" Guarantee

If you wouldn't gladly clean your most demanding client's house — the one with the never-ending pet hair, the mysterious stains on every carpet, and the bathroom that's a biohazard zone — every single day for a year, just to keep this course, then we'll gladly refund your money. No questions asked, no rubber gloves required!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for remote workers?

No! This course is designed for anyone who will be taking on the role of an "office staff" member or sometimes referred to as customer service rep. Essentially, anyone who will be taking phone calls on behalf of your cleaning business, providing customer support, recruiting cleaners, booking new jobs, managing your calendar (and even email), managing social media, and so on. These individuals could be local or remote, it doesn't matter! If you're looking for a thorough training course for office heroes, you've found it!

Does this course cover software training?

Yes it does! There are various software applications that are covered in this course ranging from communication software to project management tools and more. When it comes to service software apps, it currently provides training on the BookingKoala software since that is the one we recommend. However, we will be recording more trainings in the near future showcasing other service software applications such as Jobber, ZenMaid, Maidily, etc.

Will it help my VA's sell better?

Yes! The 4 Day Virtual Assistant has an entire module on customer success including how to sell cleaning services over the phone. We even provide an example sales script to follow to improve sales performance. This is a critical area where many cleaning businesses fall short and lose tons of booking opportunities because their staff members are not properly trained in sales.

How will my team members get access to this course?

There will be a form inside of the course where you can enter your team members information and our system will grant them access. This way, if you have multiple team members, each will have their own login credentials and can go through the course and quizzes on their own.

What will I be responsible for after they finish the course?

After completing the course, your new team member will have roughly 4-6 weeks of training in just 4 days or less (yeah, it's pretty awesome)! That said, every business is different and we cannot build a course that would 100% satisfy the requirements of every cleaning business in the world. If there are any nuances that are relevant to your business, you'll want to make sure you effectively communicate that to your team members. We recommend weekly meetings for at least the first 6 weeks to ensure that your new hire is comfortable in their new role. This is ultimately a major benefit to you since you want to feel confident in their abilities so you can focus on growth opportunities in your business without getting bogged down in the day-to-day operations!

Is this a subscription or a one-time payment?

Currently, you can purchase this course with a one-time payment and get LIFETIME access! As more modules and videos are uploaded (we're currently uploading them now), the price will go up and then move to a subscription model. With that in mind, if you're considering grabbing this course, don't delay! Get it while it's on sale and lock in lifetime access while you still can!

Speed is Your Friend

Why Buy an Online Course?

Step into a world where your cleaning business shines, through courses packed with industry secrets and practical skills. Under the guidance of seasoned professionals, fast-track your aspirations into achievements. Begin this transformative journey with us and witness your business flourish!

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Save Time

The most important resource in the world is time. Each of us only have so much of it in our lives; therefore, what you do with it is everything. Will you spend your time "figuring it out" on your own or would you rather learn from someone who has invested the time already and has discovered what works? That's the power of an online course. Expert knowledge & experience that you can access and use to save time and fast track your success.

Faster Path to Profit

Online courses help you to profit quicker thanks to an expedited learning experience that showcases what to do, as well as how and when to do it. This ultimately allows you to draw a salary from your business sooner than if you didn't have expert knowledge & experience at your fingertips. Turn your side-hustle into the best paying job you've ever had!

Save Money

If you could spend a couple hundred dollars today and get THOUSANDS back in your bank account would you? That's what we thought! We've already spent the money trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Learn from our experiences and save the money while making more faster than you thought possible! That is yet another benefit of purchasing an online course.

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