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Learn how to launch and scale a cleaning business in 10 days or less, with nothing but a laptop and our proven 7-figure blueprint.

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Students: 2,085+

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10DCC bundle


Audience: New & Existing Business Owners

Difficulty: Intermediate

Instructor(s): Cristobal Mondragon, Dalton Ousley

Duration: 20h 20m

Last Updated: 4/19/24

Quizzes: N/A

Money back guarantee

Our "No Rubber Gloves" Guarantee

If you wouldn't gladly clean your most demanding client's house — the one with the never-ending pet hair, the mysterious stains on every carpet, and the bathroom that's a biohazard zone — every single day for a year, just to keep this course, then we'll gladly refund your money. No questions asked, no rubber gloves required!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course offered in Spanish?

Yes, we have a similar course that is in Spanish called Ignite Your House Cleaning Business (En Español)! Para aprender más sobre el curso en línea de español que te enseña cómo hacer crecer tu negocio de limpieza, ¡haz clic aquí!

l don't know how to clean. Will that be a problem?

Definitely not. We actually recommend that you DON'T get stuck in the field cleaning! You will be much more effective behind a computer than cleaning houses and facilities. If you'd like to understand the cleaning industry and learn the lingo, you're in luck! We cover all of that and more inside of the 10 Day Cleaning Company. We've all kinds of individuals who didn't know anything about professional cleaning start their own cleaning business including IT professionals, Doctors, and teachers just to name a few!

I've been in business for years. Is this course still worth it?

Absolutely. There's so much information packed into this course, therefore, you're very likely to learn tactics and strategies you haven't tried before. For context, we've spoken with a couple of business owners that bought this course to help them break past $80k per month. After implementing some of the strategies, they were able to scale past $100k per month in a short amount of time. If anything, just skip past the beginning of the course and go straight to the training that will be the most impactful for you and your business.

Does this course cover how to start a business from scratch?

Sure does! If you've never started a business before, we've got your back. 10 Day Cleaning Company covers everything from A to Z including how to name your business, develop a brand, design logos, get a professional website, register your business, how to build business credit, and SO much more! All of that is covered before going into the fundamentals such as setting up the necessary software, recruiting cleaners, getting customers, etc. We really spent a lot of time, energy, and money on this course to ensure that there are no missing pieces!

Will I learn how to run paid ads?

Absolutely! Paid advertising is by far the number one growth lever you can pull to quickly grow your cleaning business. Ad platforms like Meta (Facebook) and Google can be difficult to understand and setup correctly. The good news is that we cover that (and more) in depth inside of the 10 Day Cleaning Company.

Will the course show me how to get a website?

Of course! Having a professional website is key to ranking organically, getting customers to book directly on your website, showcasing your professionalism to potential customers, clients, and so on. There are a billion and a half ways to get a website these days and most of them are terrible and super expensive. Inside of the course, we'll show you the number one way to get a website and even provide you with professional templates that we've built so you don't have to go pay some web designer a bunch of money! If you haven't figured it out by now, we literally provide you with all the training and tools you'll need to succeed!

I'm not tech-savvy. Can I still do this?

Yes you can! We've had people who know nothing about computers or software be successful with this course and the business model we teach. That said, you will need to learn new things if you intend to become a successful business owner. If you're willing to learn, we teach you everything you need to know. Put in the time and experience the true transformation!

How fast can I see a return on investment (ROI) from this course?

As long as you follow the steps inside of the training, your first few cleanings will more than pay for this entire course! Based on industry averages, if we helped you book ONLY 1 Standard Clean, 1 Deep Clean, and 1 Moving Clean, the course has already paid for itself. Most people we've spoken to that have actually implemented what they learned are quickly hitting $10k in their first month of business and some are even making over $400k in their first year. The key is to take action and not just consume the content. If you look at it this way, you're paying pennies for a course that can generate serious, lasting wealth. We're not guaranteeing that you will make this much as we cannot control what you decide to do and not do in your business!

Speed is Your Friend

Why Buy an Online Course?

Dive into courses filled with the secrets and skills you need to make your cleaning business a sparkling success. With our expert guidance, you’ll leap ahead, turning your dreams into reality faster than you thought possible. Let’s start this journey together and watch your business grow!

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Save Time

The most important resource in the world is time. Each of us only have so much of it in our lives; therefore, what you do with it is everything. Will you spend your time "figuring it out" on your own or would you rather learn from someone who has invested the time already and has discovered what works? That's the power of an online course. Expert knowledge & experience that you can access and use to save time and fast track your success.

Fast Path to Profit

Online courses help you to profit quicker thanks to an expedited learning experience that showcases what to do, as well as how and when to do it. This ultimately allows you to draw a salary from your business sooner than if you didn't have expert knowledge & experience at your fingertips. Turn your side-hustle into the best paying job you've ever had!

Save Money

If you could spend a couple hundred dollars today and get THOUSANDS back in your bank account would you? That's what we thought! We've already spent the money trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Learn from our experiences and save the money while making more faster than you thought possible! That is yet another benefit of purchasing an online course.

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