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Innovation, inspiration, and education for cleaning business founders and aspiring entrepreneurs; these are few words to describe what we're all about here at Pioneering Clean.

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What We Do

Online Education Tailored to You

Learn From Anywhere

Unlock your business potential with our expert-led courses that bring the secrets of the cleaning industry success right to you, wherever you are.

Expert Instructors

Learn from the best: our expert instructors are here to equip you with the knowledge and skills to fast-track your success in the cleaning business world.

Private Community

Access our private community to share, learn, and grow with fellow cleaning business enthusiasts, all driven to succeed with the help of expert insights and support.

Our COmpany

Empowering Your Success

At Pioneering Clean, we’re committed to unlocking your potential with courses that blend expert knowledge and practical skills, setting you on the fast track to success in the cleaning industry. Join us and transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality, one lesson at a time.


New Founders

Kickstart your cleaning business journey with our courses, where every lesson is a step closer to becoming the successful founder you're meant to be.


Seasoned Founders

Elevate your cleaning business to new heights with our advanced courses, designed to refine your expertise and unlock unprecedented growth opportunities.

  • Transform your vision into reality

  • Accelerate your business's growth

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs


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Meet the Instructors

Cristobal Mondragon

Co-Founder, Instructor

CEO, Bumble Bee Cleaning

"The OG Cleaning Guru Guy"

Hi, my name is Cristobal Mondragon. After generating $6.5 million cleaning homes, I can tell you the first place I'd look is your price: Maybe you're priced too low, maybe you're not using promotions effectively, perhaps you don't know how to outsource parts of your business?

If I were to generate you an extra 20% to 30% extra per month on your cleaning company, how would that impact your revenue?

You'll learn a powerful and repeatable marketing strategy to fill your calendar and earn more from your cleaning business than ever before. There’s no excuse for not having a million-dollar cleaning business.

Together, we can truly create something greater than ourselves. I look forward to what the future holds.

Dalton Ousley

Co-Founder, Instructor

CEO, CleanCore

"The Tech & Automation Guy"

Hi, my name is Dalton Ousley and I love innovation and building systems.

Maybe that's why I love discovering new opportunities and creating new features for our software company, CleanCore™.

I'm at my best when I'm figuring out complex issues or building new systems and automation that will benefit our company and all of the clients we work with!

Email and monotonous tasks are 2 things that drain my energy and make me sick. If you like the idea of never doing the things you don't enjoy and having automation take care of the monotonous stuff, you're in the right place!

Aside from my entrepreneurial life, I enjoy spending time with my family and venturing deep into the backcountry of Colorado.

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Where online education and the cleaning industry meet to create unmatched innovation, support, and entrepreneurial growth.

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